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Damian Campbell


Exclusive Handknotted wool & silk rugs in contemporary designs.

Kashan Carpets & Flooring

Kashan Carpets and Flooring, now in Dublin & Kilkenny, have been in business since 1988. In that time we have built up a wealth of experience in bringing you some of the finest quality hand made rugs, from as far afield as Iran, India, Pakistan and China


Should you wish to design your own rug, we can have it made for you at very reasonable prices. It could be anything, from a fire side rug, a fully fitted carpet in your room or a quality stair carpet. This will give you something unique which you will cherish for many years.


In addition to the handmade ranges, we stock a large selection of machine woven rugs in both modern and traditional designs. They will suite many situations where the budget does not allow for the more expensive hand made rugs.

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