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Haro Floors

logo_haroAt Kashan we can offer you a wide selection of wood and laminate flooring from Haro. Manufacturing in Germany, Haro produces some of the best quality flooring. They have been manufacturing wood products for over 140 years and only use the top quality timbers, sourced from sustainable forests. The floors are hard wearing with easy-care surfaces and a number of finishes; varnished, oiled or natural matt. It is very easy to install with Haro’s new Top-Connect system.

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There are many reasons to select a Haro Laminate floor over others, some of which are:

– Outstanding visual impact, very realistic

– Available in different formats, extra wide & long boards with

Gran Via 8x243x2200mm

– Dimensionally stable and perfect fit

– Suitable for use with underfloor heating

– Extremely scratch resistant

– Resistant to fading under UV light

– Dirt-Repellent and easy to maintain

– Double moisture protection with aquaTec system – Suitable for Kitchen use

– Abrasion Resistant

– 20 Year Warranty

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