kathy ireland

Turn in this powerful and mysterious collection named for the celebrated Griot, an African story teller, poet or historian who often tell their stories through music. In richly saturated shades inspired by the rare beauty and rich history of the Ivory Coast, these rugs create an air of splendor and excitement. Featuring a unique space dying technique for a dramatic depth and dimension and flat woven from a luxurious wool for a superb softness, these enthralling floor coverings are sure to capture everyone’s undivided attention.

 Space dyed • 95% Wool, 5% Polyester • Handmade

Size Shape
2’6″ x 4’0″ RECTANGLE
4’0″ x 6’0″ RECTANGLE
5’3″ x 7’5″ RECTANGLE
8’0″ x 10’6″ RECTANGLE