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We’re more than just a carpet supplier – we’re committed to bringing comfort and style to homes across Ireland. At Kashan, we understand the importance of quality, variety, and exceptional service.

Unleash the potential of your space with our high-quality carpet range.

From inviting textures to timeless patterns, our curated collection features carpets from a variety of brands, offering something to suit every taste and budget.
Whether you’re seeking the warmth of wool or the functionality of synthetic fibers, we have the perfect carpet for your space!

Carpet Types

Discover the fascinating world of carpets, explore various pile types, and uncover a myriad of options to elevate your space with comfort and style!


In the tufting process, yarn is fed through needles that penetrate the backing material, forming loops that are then cut to create the desired pile height. Tufted carpets come in various styles, pile heights, and textures, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


Woven carpets are crafted on looms by interlacing warp (lengthwise) and weft (crosswise) yarns, resulting in a sturdy and intricate textile. They offer exceptional durability, intricate designs, and a luxurious feel, often favored for high-end applications.

Cut pile carpet is made by cutting yarn loops, resulting in a soft, dense surface, commonly used in residential and commercial spaces.

Loop pile refers to a type of carpet construction where the fibers are woven or tufted into loops, creating a durable and textured surface.

Cut-loop pile combines both cut and looped fibers, offering a textured surface with varied patterns and durability for residential and commercial spaces.

Wilton weaving, among the oldest carpet-making techniques, offers limited color options but diverse textures, ideal for crafting high-quality textured plains.

Originating from Axminster, England, is woven on specialized looms, renowned for precise definition, commonly featuring patterned designs.

Velvet pile refers to a carpet or fabric with a dense, short, and evenly cut pile, resembling the softness and smoothness of velvet fabric.

In twist pile carpets, individual fibers are twisted together tightly during manufacturing, resulting in a resilient and textured surface.

Berber pile, distinguished by looped fibers, presents a rugged texture, resembling traditional North African handwoven carpets, ideal for various settings.

Saxony pile presents a plush surface with dense, upright fibers, offering a soft and elegant look for homes.

Heather pile carpets feature a mix of yarn colors, resulting in a nuanced, multi-dimensional look reminiscent of natural heather.

Explore our diverse range!

Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern minimalism, or bold patterns, we have the perfect carpet to complement your interior design vision.
At Kashan, you will definitely find the perfect carpet for any room, landing, or stairs.

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