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The best Luxury Vinyl Floor with the best fitting service

At Kashan Carpets and Flooring, you’ll find the full range of Karndean Designflooring, complemented by excellent customer service and a skilled installation team.

The ultimate flooring solution for your space

Kashan is an official retailer offering Karndean products in Dublin. Having fitted numerous floors, we take pride in guiding customers to understand why Karndean stands out as the premier choice for flooring solutions. 
Come with us and discover why Karndean is the optimal choice for your project.

We see flooring differently...

Karndean Designflooring is a distinguished name in luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring, dedicated to redefining spaces since 1973. The company commitment revolves around creating unparalleled, lifelike, and resilient luxury vinyl flooring choices, empowering you to elevate your personal style and enrich your environment’s worth.


What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring comprises multiple layers of materials combined to create a resilient and functional floor covering. Among the vinyl flooring options, luxury vinyl stands out as it reproduces the appearance and texture of natural materials like wood or stone. Luxury vinyl flooring is highly customizable, available as planks or tiles in various sizes, colors, and designs, offering both timeless and contemporary options.

Karndean Designflooring provides high-quality luxury vinyl floors, utilizing the latest technology and the most durable materials. They offer a lifetime guarantee on their floors, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your space.



Inspired by Wood

Warm and sophisticated like wood, but easier to maintain

Luxury vinyl planks authentically mimic hardwood with intricate details. We offer a diverse range of wood designs, globally sourced, each with its own captivating story behind its creation.

Inspired by Stone

Rich and distinctive like stone, yet comfortable and practical

Wide range of luxury vinyl floors inspired by stone like slate, limestone, and marble. These floors replicate natural stone's characteristics, such as deep pitting in travertine looks and striking veining in marble, delivering stone's aesthetic appeal without its practical drawbacks.

Why choose Karndean?

Investing in new flooring from Karndean Designflooring is a confident choice.
The products are crafted to withstand heavy use and high traffic while maintaining their appearance over time.
Moreover, they are highly customizable. It’s not just about selecting the floor color and design; it’s about personalizing it to leave a lasting impression.
Explore installation patterns and design elements to make your floor unique and remarkable.
Uncover all the benefits of Karndean today:

Water Proof

Resilient against spills of all sizes, ideal for wet areas.

Kids Friendly

Offers a secure and cozy area for children to play.


Pet Friendly

Designed for pets, handling muddy paw prints and household accidents.

Lifetime Warranty

Ensured durability over the years.



Safe, sustainable products allow you to live and breathe comfortably.



The appearance of natural materials combined with the durability of luxury vinyl.


Low Maintenance

Easily cleaned with a sweep and mop, no sanding, staining, or varnishing needed.


Comfortable Underfoot

Softer and provides a warmer feel underfoot compared to natural materials.

Get your free estimate for Karndean Flooring

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Flooring Ranges

Unveil the diverse and highly customizable range of Karndean’s products.


Karndean floor features an advanced surface treatment, ensuring both beauty and effortless cleaning.
With simple day-to-day care and a few easy steps, maintaining your floor will keep it as stunning as the day it was installed.

Watch the video on the side to learn how to clean your floor.

Cleaning products

At Kashan, you can purchase the official Karndean care products designed to effectively clean your luxury vinyl floor.